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We have several avenues through which you can choose to contribute to ACYI. You may donate through our online giving platform, this allows you to set up recurring donations) or Amazon Smile.



Other Ways to Donate:

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Or, if you would like to mail a gift to ACYI, please send it to:
ACYI: Attention Becky Hoffman
1500 E. 128th Ave.
Thornton, CO 80241

Contact Becky Hoffman to discuss other ways to give.

Your donation will support our efforts for Adams County student success!

Invest in ACYI. Invest in the future.

We know we can’t do it alone. We need to work together to succeed. We need your support.

When you invest in ACYI’s vision, you’re helping shape the future of our youth – and community.

The youth and families we work with have a better chance of thriving and succeeding when they know that people in their community believe in them.

How can you help?

We need the support from community business and spiritual leaders, as well as grant organizations.

When you invest in ACYI, you help continue the progress that inspires us daily.

We are looking for groups and individuals who understand our vision. It’s about more than making one kid’s life better, it’s about making our community stronger.

Our sponsorship opportunities are diverse and fit a wide range of budgets, from $500 to $20,000 and above. When your business or organization invests in ACYI, you will receive high-profile acknowledgment exposure throughout the community.

Together, we can make Adams County a better place for youth, for families, for business growth… Your investment in ACYI goes to work instantly to support our youth development programs, action committees, and, most importantly, the future of the kids in our community.