About The Institute

About the Institute

The Youth Initiative of Adams County is dialing in its support to Partners through a newly launched Institute focused on training, coaching and support for outcomes based work happening on behalf of children and youth, specifically related to moving the needle in identified Cradle to Career priorities in Adams County.

The Institute itself is an integrated piece of the larger focus of the Youth Initiative of Adams County. As a collective Partnership, which includes five Adams County School Districts, public entities, the business sector, faith based partners and non-profits, the overall strategic framework through which we work calls for support from the Youth Initiative’s Backbone to support our basic tenants…

(1) we need to work together to improve the Cradle to Career Outcome areas AND;

(2) Outcomes focus work supported by evidence based decision making is how we are going to make it happen.

How the Institute Supports Accomplishing Our Larger Goals

All workshops and training offered through the Institute are developed to launch and support outcomes focused work. Participants will have the option to align their work with similar work happening throughout our community through the Youth Initiative’s Collaborative Action Networks (CANs).


Below, please click each Track below to find out more information, including the first slate of workshops, training and coaching sessions that will be offered…

Continuous Improvement Track
Educators Track
Closing the Equity Gap Track

Check back regularly as we are in the process of announcing dates for sessions and additional workshop and training topics.

Questions? Please contact Ashley Edinger at