C2C Outcomes

About CANS

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Collaborative Action Networks or CANs are the “guts” of the RMC2C Partnership. CANs are how we affect each Cradle to Career outcome. Each CAN focuses on a specific outcome and indicator as a collective force, applying their efforts in a collaborative and constructive way.



Continuous Improvement


Together, within the Collaborative Action Network, we…
  • Focus on county-wide and disaggregated data
  • Work to understand barriers
  • Engage youth in our work
  • Focus on equity
  • Set goals and work on projects
  • Receive technical assistance and support to help accomplish goals
  • Seek resources to support efforts
  • Determine what works and scale those efforts


Cross-sector practitioners and individuals who are interested in organizing around one of the Cradle to Career Outcome areas and collaborating to increase the success of our youth are invited to join this group.

  • Youth
  • Educators
  • Non Profit
  • Business
  • Law Enforcement
  • Judicial
  • Public Sector
  • Faith Based
  • Volunteers


It is our intent that CAN members have a sense of shared ownership over improvement in the Cradle to Career Outcome area they have aligned to and eventually will be tasked to set targets for The Partnership in moving the needle for that outcome area.

  • Commit to attending and actively participating in monthly CAN Sessions
  • Openly share information and best practices
  • Agree to mutual accountability
  • Agree to using data to inform work
  • Implement CAN action steps as part of current work
  • Adopt of adapt practices identified by the continuous improvement practice
  • Share ‘Stories of Impact’


To learn more about how to get involved in one of our Cradle to Career CANs, click on your area of interest below: