Collaborative Action Networks

LIFT Fund Support

Local Impact Fund & Technical Assistance (LIFT)

The Youth Initiative of Adams County (ACYI) supports Partners, who are active members of a Collaborative Action Network, through the Cradle to Career LIFT Fund. The LIFT Fund provides just that – a lift – to support one-time, non-operational costs associated with one or more of the activities related to practicing Continuous Improvement.

As part of our effort to ensure our youth are successful, ACYI is particularly interested in developing Partners’ capacity to practice Continuous Improvement, to:

  1. Engage students, parents, and families towards improving outcomes
  2. Focus on eliminating inequalities in student achievement and youth success
  3. Build on and align existing resources

The LIFT funds are specifically designed to support capacity building and/or one-time implementation costs and are not meant to be used for core programmatic funding.

To learn more about the LIFT Fund, contact Ashley, Partnership Coordinator, at