‘LIFT’ Up Your Own Story of Impact

Stories of Impact emerge within the ACYI Partnership when teams are making a measurable impact on a larger outcome. As part of our effort to support more stories of impact and ensure are youth are successful, ACYI supports the development of Partners’ capacity to practice Continuous Improvement to:

  1. Engage students, parents, and families towards improving outcomes
  2. Focus on eliminating inequalities in student achievement and youth success
  3. Build on and align existing resources.

ACYI supports partners with the capacity to use an outcomes focused approach and the continuous improvement framework to improve outcomes on behalf of youth through the Cradle to Career LIFT Fund. The LIFT Fund provides just that – a lift – to support one-time, non-operational costs associated with activities related to practicing Continuous Improvement.

Several teams within the ACYI Partnership have already taken advantage of this “lift” to allow them to pause and get a clear understanding of what they are trying to improve and why, to understand trend over time data, identify gaps affecting our most marginalized populations, undercover root causes at play, to test their efforts in small cycles – to ensure strategies work, before launching efforts at large scale. Within this framework, they are able to identify what is working, and do more of that, and identify what is not really working, and stop doing it.

2018 LIFT Fund recipients to date include:

Fairview Elementary School (Westminster Public Schools)

Fairview Elementary School team members work on their UIPs with support from Erin Loften (Colorado Department of Education) and Dr. Rich Patterson (School District 27J) through the ACYI Institute.

Fairview Elementary School is working to ensure the school’s state-required Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) is outcomes focused and aligned with the Continuous Improvement framework. Fairview Elementary School is a member of an ACYI Institute UIP Cohort, which engages a school teams from across the ACYI Partnership to improve coherence between the required UIP and ACYI Cradle to Career Outcomes; understand the multiple purposes of the UIP and how to maximize those that are a priority; identify how to adopt and leverage best practices of Continuous Improvement; and gain clarity on the relationship between Major Improvement Strategies, Implementation Benchmarks, and the behaviors that make a measurable impact.

Adams County Education Consortium

Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) partnered with GoodWill Denver to expand a Summer Bridge program to support a cohort of students identified through the Post-Secondary Success Collaborative Action Network (CAN) as at risk of melting off over the summer. The Summer Bridge program directly addresses gaps in summer melt programming for incoming college students who would not otherwise receive this level of intensive service spanning from the summer prior to beginning college through to credential completion. Summer Bridge provides not only 12-15 hours of dedicated workshops and instructions on college success and life skills (including topics such as advocacy, communication, cultural shifts, social-emotional skills, and healthy choices), but also builds a strong network of support through one-on-one intrusive advising with each student before their first day of college. Goodwill provides a reliable support network carrying students from high school all the way through to credential completion.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Adams 12 Five Star Schools Business Services Improvement Teams take a deep dive into Continuous Improvement Belt Training.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools‘ Business Services Department is working to instill a culture of Continuous Improvement throughout the operations side of the district. Under the lead of Pat Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the team is undergoing specialized training in Continuous Improvement to support this shift in order to improve district operations so they better serve the district, the schools, the community, and most importantly, students and parents.

The team recently identified Project Champions (also known as Project Sponsors) to coach and support those leading the improvement efforts on the ground, and is training team members to serve as belts to move these projects to fruition. These cross-departmental teams have begun to engage in specialized training, coaching, and support to improve initial priority areas for improvement in the district and track data in real time to measure if what they’re doing is working and making a difference, ultimately improving the district, the schools, and the community.

Rocky Top Middle School (Adams 12 Five Star Schools)

Rocky Top Middle School is working to improve the social-emotional aspects of student success, and engaged in a small test of improvement, a Social Emotional Learning intervention, and designed a data monitoring plan to tell in real time if their test of improvement was making a difference in the social-emotional intelligence. Rocky Top Middle School is also an active participant in the Middle Grade Math Collaborative Action Network (CAN), working to drive a shared strategy for supporting middle grade math success across the ACYI Partnership.

ACYI is particularly interested in developing Partners’ capacity to practice Continuous Improvement in order to improve Cradle to Career Outcomes on behalf of Adams County youth, and are looking to hear from more teams who are ready to engage in Outcomes Focused Work. ACYI is accepting applications for the LIFT Fund until November 30th. Don’t miss your opportunity to “lift” up your own Story of Impact. Contact Ashley Edinger, Institute & Communications Manager, for more information

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