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Cradle to Career Outcomes

Cradle to Career Outcomes

We are focused on improving academic achievement and the safety and well-being of all children and youth by moving the needle in six Cradle to Career Outcome Areas. National and local research indicates that when our youth are hitting targets in these key areas, their potential for long-term success greatly increases. These Cradle to Career indicators are similar to vital signs used in healthcare, in this case, they tell us about the health of our community. The Cradle to Career Areas are HOW we measure success for our youth long-term. 

We have established a baseline for where our youth are currently performing. Visit our vital signs page for more information, by clicking the button below. To learn more about HOW we are working to improve each Cradle to Career Outcome, click HERE.



What does this look like?

To learn more about the above Cradle to Career Outcomes and how we are moving the needle in each, choose your area of interest: