What We Do

Our Why

By 2020, approximately 74% of Colorado jobs will require some level of post-secondary education.*

*Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University

Did you know?

The Cost of Dropouts


Together We Succeed.

Through community leaders and vital resources (also known as a collective impact approach), we strive to ensure that every young child and young adult in Adams County:

ACYI recognizes that no one agency or organization can improve child and youth outcomes. That’s why collective action is needed to magnify the impact of all community resources helping children and families in Adams County.

Our Approach-Core Business

We get results using the nationally recognized, best practice STRIVE TOGETHER model which embraces:

ACYI Theory Of Action:


  • Key Leaders share common vision
  • Baseline data on key outcomes is shared
  • Data-driven management is core
  • Action teams adopt continuous improvement
  • Resources for core operations are in place
  • Funding is aligned to evidence-based practices


  • Effective practices are scaled
  • Resource and policy change occurs in support of improved outcomes
  • Youth outcomes trend in the target direction

The Work Ahead

Last year was a year of refinement and this is the year of full collective impact implementation.

  • ACYI is working to align efforts with the State Master Plan for Advancing Education and Talent Development.
  • ACYI adopted guiding and operating principles to ensure our focus and hard conversations around equity are beginning to take place, and using lessons learned will help drive our work and approach.
  • ACYI has formalized a partnership with City/County of Broomfield for the over 3,500 students attending an Adams County 12 school.

ACYI remains committed and confident in the huge vision: ALL kids cradle to career!

“ACYI has provided the development and continuation of collaborative relationships with other youth-serving organizations which has been invaluable, as has the annual survey data which helps guide our prevention and intervention efforts for youth and families.”Kevin West, Director of Intervention Services, District 27J

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”Nelson Mandela

Can we make a difference?

The simple answer is YES! We see progress every day. Which is why we’ll continue to magnify that progress and extend its reach to even more kids throughout Adam’s County.

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