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Policy Alignment

Policy Alignment

In order to remove the systematic barriers that prevent youth from reaching their full potential, the RMC2C Partnership works to change public policies that no longer serve the community’s youth. However, changing policy to better suit the needs of our young people is no easy task. This is why the RMC2C Partnership has charged its Policy & Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) with undertaking the policy work needed to help ALL youth succeed, cradle to career.

Policy & Legislative Advisory Network
The Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) is a subcommittee of the Community Leaders Council (CLC), comprised of CLC members from investing partner organizations or individuals they have appointed, to lead the policy and advocacy work for the RMC2C Partnership.


The PLAN’s main function is to help the Partnership understand how policies and legislation impact or could impact Cradle to Career Outcomes so that the Partnership can create awareness in the community and advocate for systems that will positively impact the Cradle to Career success of youth.

**For the 2020 legislative session, the PLAN will have a narrow scope focused on core Cradle to Career work and will be heavily engaged in articulating its internal process, working to define and redefine this process internally so that it is continuously learning how it can best operate in this space.**

This includes:

●  Identifying policy and legislation that impacts Cradle to Career Outcomes and determining opportunities to monitor and provide awareness about how these impact youth in this community

  • Supporting a landscape analysis of existing policies impacting the Cradle to Career work of RMC2C Partnership
  • Monitoring emerging legislation that could potentially impact the Cradle to Career work of RMC2C Partnership Vetting systems-level challenges and opportunities identified through the on-the-ground work of the Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) and determining community-wide calls to action if applicable

●  Planning and hosting RMC2C’s Annual ‘Day at the Legislature’ to support the development of relationships with policy makers and ensure awareness and visibility of the Partnership’s work

●  Staying abreast of policy and legislative efforts underway with other groups that impact Cradle to Career Outcomes for youth in this community. Specifically where cross-representation from the PLAN and the larger CLC intersect with other groups in order to ensure awareness is liaised

●  Supporting the development of an annual post-legislative report outlining impacts to the Cradle to Career Outcome areas

●  Ensuring the RMC2C Backbone team and Partnership are in alignment with 501(c)3 status requirements, which prohibits:

    • Giving money to or support or oppose candidates for elected public office
    • Engaging in excessive lobbying activities or partisan activities
    • Contacting, or urging the public to contact members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or advocate the adoption or rejection of legislation

For more information, please email Ashley Edinger, Manager of Sustainability, at AshleyEdinger@ACYI.org.