Who We Are

National Framework

The StriveTogether National Network

StriveTogether is a national, nonprofit network of 70 community partnerships that works to ensure that every child succeeds from cradle to career, regardless of race, income or zip code. As leaders of a national movement, impacting more than 10.5 million students nation-wide, StriveTogether helps local communities identify and spread what works on behalf of children and youth. StriveTogether and its partners work together to build a more equitable and inclusive world for EVERY child.


Beginning in 2006, when over 300 local organizations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky came together to improve education, the, then, StrivePartnership worked within existing programs and towards a shared, specific set of 53 measurable outcomes. Over the course of five years and rigorous scrutiny in examining and measuring the results of these outcomes, StriveTogether saw several improvements, including a 9 percent increase in kindergarten readiness, an 11 percent increase in high school graduation rates and a 10 percent increase in college enrollment. The results of this partnership became a national initiative in 2011. Learn More About StriveTogether.

ACYI Is recognized as a certified “Sustaining Partner” in the StriveTogether National Network.

In 2012, ACYI adapted the national StriveTogether framework. As part of its membership, ACYI was given a set of benchmarks that it had to work towards and continually sustain. These benchmarks helped lay a foundation and path for the ACYI Partnership to follow in order to achieve what StriveTogether calls “Proof Point” or 60% of measured indicators within the Cradle to Career Outcomes being maintained or improved. Beginning in 2015, ACYI was certified as an “Emerging Partner” and one year later moved into and was certified as a “Sustaining Partner”. Learn more about the StriveTogether Theory of Action and the bench marks the ACYI Partnership is working towards HERE.